How To Develop Memory And Attention

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How To Develop Memory And Attention
How To Develop Memory And Attention

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With age, a person's memory capacity increases, however, already in old age it often begins to weaken. Scientists explain this process by the fact that over time a person ceases to strive for the assimilation of new knowledge.

How to develop memory and attention
How to develop memory and attention

Development of memory and attention in childhood

Training and improving memory and attention in children is far from superfluous. At an early age, games that develop memory and attention can help in this endeavor. Such games have not only these two properties. They also help the young body to train thinking, perception, reaction and other mental functions.

The most widespread methods for achieving this goal are methods for improving visual memory, which is the strongest in any person. For example, picture games like "Find the same objects?" or, conversely, "Find three differences?" You can also choose for the development of attention and memory in children pictures in the depicted objects, which the child must first remember, and then recognize only by the silhouettes. In this process, the development of auditory memory becomes equally important. To do this, with the child, you need to memorize fairy tales and poems, read out loud to him, ask him to retell what he read or heard as accurately as possible. The development of tactile memory, that is, sensations and motor memory, is also considered effective at the present time.

Development of memory and attention in adulthood

To develop memory and attention in the adult population, there are many different ways that you can do it yourself and on a daily basis. First of all, you need to train your attention. Since the memory of an attentive person is much larger than that of an inattentive one. When traveling in public transport, you can look at passengers who are traveling nearby, memorize facial expressions, the color of the ox and heads, clothes and details of accessories. After a few days, you can try to remember and describe in detail the details of passers-by.

Thinking, memory and attention are developing daily. Some people do it without even knowing it. However, some still have to make considerable efforts to achieve their goal. Among the effective methods are the study of foreign languages, courses on typing and speed reading, accounting and computer courses. They are useful because they provide a source of new information that the brain needs. It makes his memory compartments fill up.

The brain must be constantly stimulated. Memory needs to be improved with age, and attention needs to be trained. Therefore, the above methods can be very effective in the development of memory and attention.

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