How To Untangle A Gold Chain

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How To Untangle A Gold Chain
How To Untangle A Gold Chain
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Gold chains, especially fine ones, are easily tangled. You don't have to run to the jeweler to unravel a piece of jewelry. There are several effective ways to deal with the problem at home.

How to untangle a gold chain
How to untangle a gold chain

Soap solution

Uncomplicated, "loose" knots can be unraveled with soapy water. Place the chain in the liquid, wait a few minutes, and then try to untie the knot right in the water.


To unravel the tight knot on the gold chain, you can try to gently stretch it with a fine needle. But first, you need to knead the chain in your hands for some time. This must be done carefully so as not to tear the product. Then place the chain on a flat surface and use a sewing needle to pull the links apart. Little by little, step by step, the space between the tangled links of the chain will become wider, and you will see in which direction to move on. When the knot is slightly open, replace the thin needle with a thicker one. So things will go faster.

This method is not suitable for chains with flat, wide links. Gold is a fairly soft metal. The sharp end of the needle can scratch the chain or damage the decorative elements of the links.


If you sprinkle the knots with talcum powder or ordinary baby powder and knead the product a little in your hands, then it will be much easier to untangle the gold chain. Add talcum powder as needed and knead the knot again. It will gradually become softer and more elastic. After you unravel the chain, rinse it first in soapy water and then in clean water. This will restore the product to its original shine.

Vegetable oil

If the knot does not lend itself to any mechanical stress, try lowering the gold chain for a while in a container with vegetable oil. Once saturated with it, the links will slide better, and the knot can be gradually unraveled. This is an effective method that helps to cope with the problem, but, alas, it is not easy to wash the chain from vegetable oil. Prepare for the fact that the chain will have to be kept in a concentrated soap solution more than once or cleaned with special products, and then rinsed in clean water. However, the effort is worth it: the chain will look like new.

To prevent the gold chain from getting tangled in the future, store the product in a case or wardrobe trunk. Shared jewelry boxes are not the best option unless you want a tangle of tangled jewelry of varying sizes and textures. Gold jewelry requires a thrifty attitude from the owner.

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