How To Care For Gold

How To Care For Gold
How To Care For Gold

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Due to the fact that gold jewelry always contains impurities of various metals, such as silver, copper, palladium, over time, they can darken or change color. Therefore, you need to know how to care for gold.

How to care for gold
How to care for gold

First of all, it should be remembered that the use of ointments containing mercury and salt destroys gold. Therefore, jewelry must be removed before applying cosmetics. In addition, from constant contact with skin, water and other external factors, gold darkens and loses its attractiveness.

The original look of gold products can be returned by putting them in a solution with ammonia. Only half a teaspoon is required for a glass of water. If the jewelry contains precious stones, then only 6 drops of ammonia per glass of water. After fifteen minutes, the gold can be removed, rinsed in running water and wiped off with a soft cloth.

The best way to clean gold from dirt is with a toothbrush, and you can use baking soda, toothpaste or washing powder as a cleaning agent. You can lighten the decoration by holding it in onion juice for a couple of hours. It is necessary to clean and care for gold as it gets dirty, but at least once every six months.

In addition, in order for gold items to retain their appearance as long as possible, they should be removed during sports. It is advisable not to wear gold rings during home cleaning using chemicals. It is also necessary to protect the precious metal from contact with iodine. It leaves dark spots on the surface of the product, which can be cleaned by holding the product in a hyposulfite solution for 20 minutes.

It is important to store your gold jewelry properly. It is best that they lie separately from each other, each in its own box, or at least separately from jewelry made of other metals. Gold should be stored in dry rooms and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

If you follow all the tips described above and learn how to properly care for gold, then it will delight you all your life.

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