How To Wash Sheep's Wool

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How To Wash Sheep's Wool
How To Wash Sheep's Wool

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Wool is a unique material with a peculiar structure, thanks to which clothes made of woolen yarn warm in cold weather and give coolness in heat. The microscopic cavities of the fibers form an air layer that acts as a thermal stabilizer, and the lanolin contained in them has medicinal properties. Thorough and correct washing of wool will add volume to wool products and prolong the service life.

How to wash sheep's wool
How to wash sheep's wool

It is necessary

  • - capacity
  • - water
  • - dishwashing liquid
  • - fine tooth comb
  • - wooden comb
  • - mesh gauze


Step 1

Prepare the sheepskin for washing. Clean it from traces of the brand, adhering seeds and other debris. Separate off cuttings and contaminated lumps that have come together. Spread the wool over the bottom of a basin or bucket. Dilute a special wool-washing powder or dishwashing detergent in very hot water. Carefully pour the mixture over the coat.

Step 2

Leave the sheepskin in the water for half an hour. In no case do not interfere or squeeze it, but only gently immerse the floating fragments under water with a stick. Drain off dirty water. Repeat the process two or three more times. When you pour the wool for the last time, do not drain the water after half an hour, but remove it from the water.

Step 3

It is important to wash the sheepskin in hot water, since of all the possible influences exerted on the fibers during washing, the main one is temperature (there is no spinning, friction, stirring). Hot water will help dissolve the grease wax that is enveloping the hairs and will prevent the fur from matting. Since the change of water takes place in half an hour, and it does not have time to cool down to the end, pouring fresh soapy water into the sheepskin does not lead to thermal shock and, therefore, to churning of the wool.

Step 4

Rinse the sheepskin. Submerge it in hot, clean water and start gently lifting and then lowering, but do not press. After rinsing, lay the woolen fiber on the wire shelf. When all the water has drained off, place it on a gauze mesh to dry. Spread the wool in an even layer about one and a half centimeters thick.

Step 5

Provide air access to the spread wool from all sides. Drying in the sun is recommended, but indoor drying is possible.

Step 6

Unravel fibers tangled during washing. First brush the coat with a wooden wide comb, and then comb it with a fine-toothed comb. Brush the sheepskin several times so that the fibers lie parallel to each other, and the wool becomes homogeneous, turning into a so-called roving.

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