Bath Dry And Wet: Pros And Cons

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Bath Dry And Wet: Pros And Cons
Bath Dry And Wet: Pros And Cons

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For those wishing to take a steam bath, there is a large selection of baths and saunas. But in order to spend time in the steam room with pleasure and benefit, you need to know which bathhouse is right for you - with dry or wet steam.

Bath dry and wet: pros and cons
Bath dry and wet: pros and cons

What is the difference between dry and wet baths?

The tradition of visiting the bathhouse has very deep roots. In the modern world, despite all the benefits of civilization, it has not lost its relevance. After all, many people perceive the bath as a place where you can not only wash yourself well, but also heal your body and soul.

In different parts of the world, for many centuries, the characteristics of steam rooms have been formed, which are optimal for people of a certain region. Currently, the most popular are Russian baths and Finnish saunas.

The Finnish sauna is a typical dry air bath. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the air humidity in it does not exceed 20%, and the temperature can reach 100 degrees.

The Russian bath is known for its humid steam. In it, the temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, and the humidity is 60-100%. For a Russian bath, the optimal temperature is 60 degrees, and the humidity is 60%, i.e. the ratio of 60x60 must be observed. There is an opinion that these indicators have the most beneficial effect on the body of the Russian person.

Which bath is more useful?

For a long time in Russia, various ailments were expelled in the bath. To this day, the bathhouse is famous for its medicinal properties, because it is a kind of extreme for the body - at first it heats up strongly, and at the same time all metabolic processes are accelerated, then it cools down sharply. These temporary extreme conditions are very useful, because during such stress, the body wakes up, its internal forces are activated, hardening occurs, and the immune system is strengthened.

When visiting a sauna with wet steam, it is good to use brooms. There are active points on the human body, and patting the steamed body with a broom has a mild effect on them, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the work of internal organs.

In the steam room, a person begins to breathe more often and deeper. Inhalation of steam moisturizes the mucous membrane well, ventilation of the lungs occurs, which is a good prevention of colds.

Without a doubt, a humid bath is very useful, but due to the high humidity, not everyone is able to tolerate it. Such a bath is not recommended for people with heart and respiratory diseases. To avoid overheating, you should wear a special hat or tie a towel around your head.

In a dry bath, moisture easily evaporates from the skin, so overheating in it is not threatened. The heat in such a bath is easier to endure than in a humid one.

A dry air bath is great for people who are constantly freezing, as well as for those who are recovering from an illness. But it is impossible to stay in a dry bath for more than 15 minutes, because it dries up the mucous membrane and upper respiratory tract.

Remember that benefit comes from what the person enjoys. If this is your first time in the bath, do not scoff at the body - everything should be done gradually. Adjust the time you spend in the steam room according to how you feel. And it is not necessary to jump into the ice hole the first time, you can just pour yourself over with cool water. The main thing is that you feel comfortable in the bath, and you would like to come there again.

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