Where To Return An Old Printer

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Where To Return An Old Printer
Where To Return An Old Printer

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It is prohibited to throw old household appliances into a landfill in our country. However, she can often be seen in landfills. The problem is aggravated by the fact that today people often began to change outdated models of equipment for new and improved ones. Where, then, can you return the old printer if you have purchased another?

Where to return an old printer
Where to return an old printer


Step 1

Recycle your old printer. Bring it to a designated area for this kind of waste, which is then handed over to recycling companies. You can use this method to get rid of an unnecessary printer if there are such sites and companies in your city that are engaged in this direction.

Step 2

Rent out your printer as part of a promotion that takes place from time to time in major specialized home appliance stores. This option is especially beneficial if you have not yet purchased a new printer model. Then, having handed over the expired printer for the promotion, you will receive a tangible discount on the purchase of a new one.

Step 3

Sell ​​your old printer if it is still working. Place an advertisement for the sale on the Internet on a special forum or website. It happens that a person needs a printer, but he does not have the funds to buy a new one. For him, the option of buying a used printer at a low price is quite suitable.

Step 4

Return your unwanted old printer to a collection point for old household appliances for spare parts. You will not earn much money from this, but you will get rid of the device without harm to the environment. As you know, any type of household appliances contains substances that negatively affect the environment and human health.

Step 5

If you bought a new printer and you have nowhere to put the old one, throw a cry for your friends and acquaintances. Surely, among them there is someone who does not have a printer. Having accepted the device as a gift, the person will be grateful to you.

Step 6

Donate the printer you don't need to charity. There are special funds that organize collection of old household appliances. To find out if your used printer will be accepted, call the organization to which you are going to donate. It so happens that social centers only accept equipment that is in good working order.

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