How To Unscrew A Stuck Bolt

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How To Unscrew A Stuck Bolt
How To Unscrew A Stuck Bolt
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The problem of loosening a stuck bolt is familiar to many who have ever tried to fix something with their own hands. In the arsenal of every self-respecting craftsman, there are many ways to cope with jammed fasteners. But for beginners, some knowledge is required.

How to unscrew a stuck bolt
How to unscrew a stuck bolt

It is necessary

  • - penetrating grease or its analogue;
  • - heating element;
  • - sulfuric acid;
  • - zinc;
  • - wax or plasticine.


Step 1

Get brake fluid, turpentine, kerosene, oleic acid, or any other penetrating lubricant you have on hand. For craftsmen, the most common liquid is WD-40. Soak a cloth in the available liquid and press it against the stuck bolt. Tap the bolt lightly to improve the penetration of the grease into the joint.

Step 2

To make it easier for yourself, try to use a quality tool. Replace open-end wrenches with ring wrenches, use the heads. You don't have to buy a high quality German pro tool. Just give up cheap Chinese.

Step 3

When unscrewing, use the swinging technique. In much the same way as the drivers of stuck cars do. By the way, this method will further enhance the penetration of the lubricant into the threads.

Step 4

If the previous methods did not work, try lengthening the wrench arm by fitting a suitable length of pipe over it. You can try hitting the wrench with a hammer while trying to loosen the bolt.

Step 5

Try to heat the stuck part in any suitable way. For example, a soldering iron, hair dryer or gas torch. A well-heated bolt is easier to unscrew. You can also try a sharp cooling of the heated part, but this can be harmful.

Step 6

Take wax or plasticine and mold a round wall around the bolt. Pour sulfuric acid into the resulting container around the head of the fastener and put a small amount of zinc. Leave the resulting galvanic solution for about a day, then try to unscrew the bolt again.

Step 7

If, as a result of all unsuccessful efforts, the bolt breaks and the head is damaged, do not despair. Weld the lever to the visible remnants of the part and continue trying. Or, use a suitable drill to drill out the rest of the part from the thread.

Step 8

And in order to avoid such situations next time, use only high-quality fasteners. Before screwing them in, be sure to lubricate with slightly alkaline grease or Vaseline with graphite powder. And do not forget to comply with tightening standards.

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