How To Make A Photo T-shirt

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How To Make A Photo T-shirt
How To Make A Photo T-shirt

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T-shirts with a picture have always been popular, and to order such a thing as a gift to a friend or loved one, you have to fork out seriously. It's easy to create a T-shirt with a photograph of a person on your own, without spending a lot of money on special equipment.

A T-shirt with a photo is the bestt for loved ones
A T-shirt with a photo is the bestt for loved ones

The best gift for a dear and beloved person is a unique T-shirt with his photo, which can be ordered from special organizations. But it is even better if the gift is made by yourself and presented with a soul.

How to make a photo T-shirt

Making a T-shirt with a photo with your own hands in the era of high technology is very easy. You just need to have the necessary digital photo, i.e. on the computer. The good thing about the digital format is that the photo can be retouched if desired using a special program, for example, using Photoshop.

The photo from the computer will only need to be transferred to thermal paper, then ironed onto the T-shirt with an iron.

What is required to transfer the image to the surface of the T-shirt

In order to realize your plan, you need to install on your computer one of the programs with which you can edit the photo. You will also need an inkjet color printer, as well as the most suitable digital photo.

You will also need to purchase a plain T-shirt. The color of the thing should be such that against such a background the photo looks the most successful and even profitable.

You can purchase LomondTermoTransfer specialty paper from your specialist store. To transfer the image to the fabric, you will need any completely flat surface, for example, an ironing board, as well as an iron with the most suitable temperature regime.

Step-by-step instructions for creating an image on a T-shirt

To begin with, you should turn the selected photo in a graphic editor using the mirror method. It is very important that the image after editing is sharp enough, as the image transferred to the fabric will look a little blurry. After that, on a color inkjet printer, the photo should be printed so that the reverse image is obtained on thermal paper.

Before using thermal paper, it is recommended that you read the instructions very carefully. Be sure to load thermal paper with the correct side in the printer. Then it remains to follow only the instructions on the packaging of thermal paper.

The sheet applied to the surface of the T-shirt must be ironed with a hot iron. The protective layer cannot be removed immediately, since the paper must be completely cooled down.

In order for the thing with the image to retain its original appearance for a long time, it should be properly looked after. First, it is necessary to turn the product inside out before washing. And secondly, the T-shirt should be washed not in hot, but in slightly warm water.

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