What Size Is Considered One

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What Size Is Considered One
What Size Is Considered One

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In the fashion world, there are some difficulties in determining a uniform size for clothing. And since every country uses its own dimensional grid when choosing clothes, fitting is the best way to determine the size.


One size

One size is considered that fits absolutely all (onesize). But it's hard to imagine that the same thing will at least look decent on people, say, with sizes 40 and 50.

Each country has its own clothing size systems, so often a person, traveling to different countries and on store shelves, is confused: what size to choose?

It is logical in this case to resort to using resizing tables, but the problem is that the data of such tables often do not coincide, so only an approximate size can be determined from them.

One size for Chinese products

As practice shows, the uniform size of clothing from a Chinese manufacturer is suitable for Russian sizes from 42 to 46.

The size "onesize", or "regular" is mainly used to mark underwear or hosiery. One size is considered the standard for Asian girls. The only way out for those who do not fit into the Chinese ideas about standardization is to buy clothes with an elastic band. For example, trousers, jeans, leggings marked "regularsize" are often suitable for girls with size 46 or 48. That is, there is a way out!

One European size

Europe was the first to switch to a single labeling pattern. According to Russian media reports, representatives of the National Textile Association (Unitex) held a meeting in Milan and unanimously agreed that Europeans (both adults and children) have become significantly taller and larger over the past half century. In this regard, it was decided to introduce a single European size in order to avoid chaos and confusion when buying clothes. The unified standard is called EN 13402.

The main principle of the unified clothing labeling system was to take into account the volume of the buyer's chest. In the sizes of clothes for adults, the size of the chest, the size of the waist and the length of the product are indicated. For children's clothing, in addition to the growth parameter, which was indicated earlier, now the volumes of the chest and waist are also taken into account, which greatly simplifies the choice of clothing for large and overweight children.

According to the President of Unitex, Lodovico Jakker, the introduction of a single European size is historical and is a useful and convenient action for the clothing manufacturer, its seller, and most importantly, for the consumer.

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