Where Can I Drop Off My Clothes

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Where Can I Drop Off My Clothes
Where Can I Drop Off My Clothes

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Spring is a great excuse to go over your wardrobe. It's time to finally get rid of the clothes you have carefully set aside for home or a trip to the forest. Especially if these clothes take up several shelves, and forays into the forest happen once a year.

Where can I drop off my clothes
Where can I drop off my clothes

Stylists say: "If you have not put on some thing within a year, you can safely throw it away, you will not wear it." Soberly evaluate all your clothes and put aside things that do not fit in size, have lost their shape and shape, are out of fashion, or simply do not like them without regret. You can use the method of Sarah Jessica Parker, who buys a thing only if it decorates it.

You shouldn't feel sorry for things, new ones will always come in their place. Feel free to throw away spoiled or lost things. The rest of the clothes can be returned.

Where to drop off your clothes

The church, charity funds, and social welfare agencies accept both adults and children’s clothes for low-income people. In addition, some children's homes and infant homes accept baby clothes, diapers and shoes. Before going there, it is better to call, as in some places used clothes are not taken. Only new with tags.

On a charitable basis, adult things can be donated to a psychiatric hospital. Relatives refuse many patients lying there. And a person who is admitted to the hospital in the summer, when discharged in the winter, actually remains naked.

Clothes for adults will also be used in nursing homes. And young women’s clothes are accepted in the “Little Mom” social shelters.

For Internet users, there are special sites and communities on the network where you can attach your things or find something you need. For example, "I'll give it for free."

You can get a small amount for things of good quality and condition in second-hand stores - stores that accept clothes, shoes and accessories that were in use.

Before collecting packages

Some people keep everything that is a shame to throw away. Before collecting things for those in need, imagine your acquaintances in the place of these people. Would you give them your clothes? If the answer is yes, things are really in good shape.

Everything dirty should be washed and ironed, things with minor defects should be repaired. Torn, darned several times, things eaten by moths are sent to the discard without regret.

It is especially meticulous to sort out children's things.

For those who do not have the time or desire to independently look for where to donate things, there are charitable foundations. These organizations are involved in helping people in need and are present in almost all cities. Some foundations provide pick-up services.

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