How To Process Amber

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How To Process Amber
How To Process Amber

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Tears of birds, tears of Heliades, the sisters of Phaeton, tears of the sun, the sea - what poetic names they gave to amber. Of course, everyone has known for a long time that this is the resin with which conifers cried millions of years ago. During this time, the resin turned to stone, but, nevertheless, remained warm, as if absorbing sunlight.

How to process amber
How to process amber

It is necessary

  • - jigsaw;
  • - file, file, emery cloth;
  • - oil, dyes;
  • - river sand, asbestos
  • -


Step 1

Succinite or amber is most often found in the coastal strip of the Baltic Sea. It is a very malleable gem in processing. Usually found pieces of amber are covered with a dirty-colored crust, which is separated from the main stone by mechanical processing.

Examine refined amber carefully for large cracks and other imperfections, as well as inclusions of grass, air bubbles and even insects, which, on the contrary, add value to the sample. Mark the stone in such a way that the cuts fall on the vicious zones, without affecting the most beautiful areas, with minimal losses for inevitable waste.

Step 2

Sawing amber should be done with a jigsaw with a metal file, you can also use an electric motor with a diamond disc, but always at low speeds and with constant water cooling, otherwise the gem will melt and burn. It is sawed quite easily and quickly, and due to the fact that the material is very fragile, you should not clamp succinite in a vice, it is better to do this by holding it in your hand or in hand, wooden vise, with leather overlays. You can use a wooden clothespin to clamp a small piece.

Step 3

After you have cut off all the excess from the workpiece, bring its shape and dimensions to the desired values ​​with a large file. Risks from it are easily removed with a small file, after this treatment, grind the stone with an emery cloth, from coarse to the smallest. It is best to polish amber by hand, on felt greased with oil and tooth powder, you can use GOI paste.

Step 4

To refine amber, the following method is used: rape or other vegetable oil, with the addition of vegetable dyes, is gradually brought to a low boil. Then they pour it processed amber, folded on several layers of gauze in a metal bowl, and boil over low heat until small sparkles appear in the stone. The place and number of their appearance is out of control, so you should constantly monitor the process in order to stop it in time, guided by your artistic taste.

Step 5

Another, simpler and more affordable at home, method is to calcine the blanks. Put a layer of 2 cm of river sand on the bottom of the dishes, put a sheet of asbestos on top. Lay the amber products on such a pillow so that they do not touch each other, cover with fireproof glass on top to maintain the temperature and monitor the calcination process.

Step 6

When heating the cookware on the gas stove, start with a low heat, gradually adding it. Watch through the glass for the appearance of micro-cracks-sparkles. At the right time, just turn off the gas and leave everything as it is until it cools completely on its own, otherwise the amber will crack violently with sharp cooling.

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