How To Identify White Gold

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How To Identify White Gold
How To Identify White Gold

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Nowadays, white gold has been very popular in the jewelry market for several years in a row. This precious metal especially emphasizes the elegance and fashionableness of jewelry. The stones, which are set in white gold, look sophisticated, exquisite and at the same time very individual. There are several correct ways to define white gold.

How to identify white gold
How to identify white gold


Step 1

The most important rule is never buy gold on the market!

Step 2

The easiest way to find out if you are really holding a white gold piece is to look at the sample that is on the piece. It is the sample that indicates the purity and the amount of gold that is contained in the product. The higher the sample, the higher the gold content in it.

Step 3

Visually, white gold is similar to silver. But, looking closely, you can easily find the differences. First, white gold has a warmer white color, while silver has a colder color. Secondly, silver differs in density from white gold, it is a softer metal. If you run a piece of silver on a white sheet of paper, you will see that a trace will remain on it, while there will be no trace of a gold piece.

Step 4

Use this simple method: keep the product in vinegar for a short amount of time. If the item changes color, it means that it is not made of gold, or it contains a very large amount of impurities.

Step 5

Use a magnet. Gold itself (both common and white), like all precious metals, is non-magnetic. Therefore, if the product begins to react to the approach of a magnet to it, this will indicate that it is forgery, or a very high content of impurities of other metals.

Step 6

Put some iodine on the product and wait a couple of minutes. Then, wiping off the iodine with a cotton swab or napkin, see if there is a trace left. If not, then the item is made of real gold.

Step 7

You can check with a pencil, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Dampen the gold piece with water and a pencil and make a small line on it. The metal must remain clean. This is a very convenient method for determining the authenticity of a product, as the result is instantaneous.

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