How To Clean Gold

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How To Clean Gold
How To Clean Gold

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Gold jewelry is extraordinarily beautiful and pleasing to the eye. But sometimes, under the influence of time, the noble metal darkens and grows dull, loses its former gloss. How to clean the gold so that your favorite jewelry shines like new again?

How to clean gold
How to clean gold

It is necessary

  • -toothpaste or powder;
  • -lemon or citric acid;
  • -washing powder;
  • -dishwashing liquid;
  • -bleach;
  • -ammonia;
  • -hydrogen peroxide.


Step 1

The most common and easy way to clean gold is by brushing with toothpaste or tooth powder. In principle, this method is applicable to both darkened silver and greened copper. However, this method is suitable if the contamination of the metal is insignificant and delicate cleaning is required, since it is not able to remove serious stains. If the work is small, apply some slightly damp powder or toothpaste to an old toothbrush and gently brush the jewelry with it. You can also use baking soda - it has the same effect.

Step 2

To clean gold at home from organic dirt, use a lemon wedge - just wipe the product with it. In the absence of lemon, you can replace it again with a toothbrush and citric acid solution - 1 teaspoon per 1 glass of warm boiled water. You can also prepare brine at the same concentration.

Step 3

If you have severe contamination, try cleaning the gold with dish soap, bleach, or laundry detergent. A liquid or gel containing surfactant or non-chlorine bleach will work. It is not worth soaking gold in dishwashing detergent, it must be cleaned in the resulting foam, just like when using powder, but you do not need to dilute the bleach with water.

Step 4

A mixture of ammonia and 3% hydrogen peroxide perfectly cleans gold. 50 gr. mix peroxide with 20 gr. ammonia, add a little water. Dip gold jewelry into the resulting mixture and leave for 10 hours. Then remove the jewelry and rinse under cold water. In the presence of difficult dirt, add detergent to the mixture, about 1 teaspoon and mix the cleaning solution thoroughly.

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