How To Distinguish Cupronickel

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How To Distinguish Cupronickel
How To Distinguish Cupronickel

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Cupronickel is an alloy of copper and nickel that has good mechanical strength. Externally, cupronickel looks like silver, so quite often products from this alloy have to be distinguished from silver ones.

How to distinguish cupronickel
How to distinguish cupronickel

It is necessary

  • - water;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - lapis pencil;
  • - iodine.


Step 1

To determine whether a product or cupronickel is made of silver, first of all look at the item for the presence of a sample. If the abbreviation MSC is present, it is cupronickel. Silver usually has the usual fineness, consisting of several numbers, like any other precious metal.

Step 2

You can distinguish cupronickel from silver using ordinary water. Pour water into a container and put the object under investigation into it, leave it for a while. After that, take it out of the water and look. On an object made of cupronickel, a greenish tint will appear, the color of silver will remain unchanged.

Step 3

You can also distinguish cupronickel by smell. Sniff the object: if you smell a clear copper smell, then it is cupronickel. Rub the product to make the smell stronger.

Step 4

Slightly moisten the surface of the object with a cotton pad soaked in water and write on it with a lapis pencil. If the item is made of silver, there will be no trace left. A dark spot forms on cupronickel. In the case when cupronickel is coated with silver, find a worn-out spot on the object and follow the same procedure.

Step 5

Estimate the weight of the item. A thing from cupronickel will seem light.

Step 6

You can also distinguish these metals with iodine. Put a little iodine on the product and put it in the sun for a while. A dark spot will appear on the silver item. Although it will be difficult to clean it off.

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