How To Determine The Carat Of A Diamond

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How To Determine The Carat Of A Diamond
How To Determine The Carat Of A Diamond

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The carat weight of a diamond or, more simply, its weight is determined in different ways. Each method has its own accuracy and characteristics. Let's talk in more detail about what methods exist for determining the weight of diamonds, and what accuracy each of the proposed methods provides.

How to determine the carat of a diamond
How to determine the carat of a diamond


Step 1

All diamonds are measured in carats, and one carat is equal to 0.2 g. The smallest diamonds weighing 0.01 carats, they are also used to make jewelry, but it can be difficult to see them, since the diameter of such a stone is about 1 mm.

Step 2

The carat measuring scale has one hundred divisions, and it will not be easy for an inexperienced person to distinguish a diamond weighing 0.3 carats from a diamond weighing 0.4 carats. Professionals use special microbalances for this, they help to determine the exact weight of the stone. If you want to calculate the approximate weight - use the arithmetic formula, just keep in mind that it is applicable only for round cut diamonds.

The formula is as follows: Mass = (Diameter ^ 2) x Height x 0.0061

Step 3

Usually, this is how the weight is calculated in the case of setting stones, which means that the stone is encrusted in jewelry, and it is not possible to extract it from there. Naturally, in this case, you can only judge the approximate weight of a diamond. You can also find out the approximate weight of a stone by its diameter. The scheme is as follows:

0.1 carat = 3 mm.

0.3 carat = 4.3 mm

0.5 carat = 5.15 mm

1 carat = 6.5 mm

1.5 ct = 7.4 mm

2 carat =

3 ct = 9.4 mm

Step 4

All diamonds, according to their weight, can be divided into three categories, namely: small, medium and large.

Small diamonds - stones weighing from 0.01 carats to 0.29 carats. Prices for stones in this category are stable, usually depending only on the weight of the stone itself.

Step 5

Medium diamonds are stones between 0.30 and 0.99 carats. Medium diamond prices are also calculated based on pricing tables as well as global prices.

Step 6

Large diamonds are stones weighing more than 1 carat. Such stones are likely to have their own individual price, which will depend on the clarity and color of the diamond, its rarity, origin, etc.

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