Bra Size: How To Find It

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Bra Size: How To Find It
Bra Size: How To Find It

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A correctly selected bra is a guarantee of comfortable well-being and good mood for every woman. To find out the size of the bra, you need to make simple measurements.

Bra size: how to find it
Bra size: how to find it

It is necessary

measuring tape


Step 1

Measure the volume of the chest under the bust. To do this, use a measuring tape that should fit snugly against your body and run at the same height from the front and back. Measurement is taken while inhaling. Round the resulting volume to the nearest size - 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, depending on the desire for a looser or more snug fit.

Step 2

Similarly, measure the volume of the chest at the most prominent points. Measurement is performed on exhalation, in a classic bra. Now find the difference between the volumes - it determines the fullness of the bra cups: AA - up to 11 cm, A - from 11 to 13 cm, B - from 13 to 15 cm, and so on in 2 cm increments.Thus, get your bra size, for example: 75B, 80C, 90D.

Step 3

After purchasing a bra, check the correctness of the choice by the insert between the cups - it should adhere to the body, and not protrude. In the latter case, purchased a bra for your breasts? small, great completeness is needed.

Step 4

The size of the bra is not a constant value, it changes depending on body weight and during pregnancy and lactation. Therefore, take measurements every time you notice that your bra has become uncomfortable. Better - before buying it again. For pregnant and lactating women, special soft bras with a predominant content of natural fibers are produced.

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