How To Sew Chevrons

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How To Sew Chevrons
How To Sew Chevrons

Chevron, in its modern sense, appeared in the Middle Ages for the hierarchy of warriors in battle. Today, in addition to the chevron, the word "stripe" has come into use, but you should not confuse or interchange them. The chevron has its own characteristics in the location on the form and sewing.

How to sew chevrons
How to sew chevrons


Step 1

Chevron, based on history, still belongs to the military sphere. Although they are used in the uniforms of employees of law enforcement agencies and security structures, as well as in the overalls of employees of various enterprises. If you need to sew a chevron on a military uniform, then everything is more complicated, or rather, according to a certain standard. Firstly, such chevrons are sewn into certain places - this is, as a rule, the left sleeve of a jacket. Secondly, they are sewn in a special way.

Step 2

The problem may arise if there is a pocket on the sleeve - then the chevron is sewn at a distance of two fingers thickness from the bottom edge of the pocket. At the same time, it is extremely inconvenient to sew on, because it is quite difficult to crawl into a pocket, while operating with a needle and thread.

Step 3

Now about the sewing itself. It's worth starting with the choice of threads. The color should be as close as possible to the color of the chevron. Often the chevrons are edged with black threads, so there will be no difficulties with choosing a color. It is better to sew with a double thread - this way there will be more confidence in the safety of the chevron. In this case, the needle-forward seam is not used - this is a regular basting seam. The fact is that a correctly sewn chevron cannot be grabbed by the edge, and with this type of seam it is easy. The chevron is sewn over the edge so that it cannot be torn off. This must be done carefully so that the seam is not noticeable.

Step 4

After you have sewn a chevron around the entire perimeter, you need to fasten the thread on the back of the fabric, while making several stitches in one place. The chevron is sewn on, and the uniform has taken on a serious look.

Step 5

Before you sew on the chevron, especially when you are doing it for the first time, you can mark the location of the chevron on the fabric. This is necessary so that it is sewn straight, without distortions and displacements. You can use a piece of dried soap as a pencil.

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