How To Measure Your Hand

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How To Measure Your Hand
How To Measure Your Hand
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When buying a watch or bracelet, you should know the size of the hand of the person to whom it is intended. The size of the gloves depends on the girth of the wrist. To sew clothes with sleeves, you need to make the appropriate measurements. In all these cases, the hand must be measured correctly.

How to measure your hand
How to measure your hand


Step 1

Find out the size of your hand if you are purchasing the jewelry for yourself. Measure the circumference of your arm where you will be wearing the bracelet using a tailor's tape measure. Add two centimeters to your result. By measuring your hand in this way, you will find out the size of the bracelet that is suitable for you. Two centimeters are added to the girth of the arm so that the jewelry can be easily buttoned up and worn comfortably without risking losing it.

Step 2

To find out the correct size of the bracelet for the watch, you must also measure your hand in the right place for this, not forgetting to add an additional two centimeters to the result. Measure from arm to arm the length of the watch. Subtracting the length of the watch from the girth of the wrist gives you the size of the bracelet for the watch.

Step 3

To find out the size of your gloves, measure your hand as follows. Use a tailor's tape measure to measure the circumference of your hand. Usually the right hand is measured. The girth is measured in the area of ​​the fifth metacarpophalangeal wrist. Express the resulting value in centimeters, rounded to the nearest whole number. The resulting number will correspond to the size of your hand.

Step 4

It is also necessary to measure the hand in cases when it is necessary to correctly calculate the length of the sleeve: when sewing or buying clothes. To determine the length of the sleeve, take yourself an assistant, because you will not be able to measure the arm correctly on your own. Stand straight and free. Keep your shoulders in your own position. Bend your arm slightly at the elbow and stretch it slightly forward, do not press your hand to the body. Your assistant should now set the beginning of the measuring tape to where your shoulder ends. After installing the tape correctly, fix it in this place with your free hand. At this time, your assistant should run the tape across the outside of the hand, along the forearm, through the elbow to the wrist. Determine the size of the sleeve, according to the result on the measuring tape. The appearance of your future clothes depends on how correctly you measured your hand.

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