How To Get Tested For Worms

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How To Get Tested For Worms
How To Get Tested For Worms

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This is such an unpleasant disease - infection (infestation) with parasites. Especially often it bothers children who drag dirty objects and unwashed fingers into their mouths. To get rid of this scourge, there are effective medicines and strict hygiene. However, first you need to accurately diagnose parasitic invasion - to pass an analysis for worms (helminths).

How to get tested for worms
How to get tested for worms

It is necessary

  • Clean container with lid
  • Cotton swab
  • Glue, paper and pen for writing
  • Water
  • Sticky tape and glass
  • Referral for blood test


Step 1

Test feces to detect worms - these parasites lay eggs in it. To obtain reliable data, it is recommended to buy a special disposable container with a sealed lid and a plastic spoon at the pharmacy. You can also use a small, clean jar (for example, from baby food), which can be screwed tightly. Stick a piece of paper on the container (it is already on the purchased container) and indicate on it the surname, name and time of the test for worms.

Step 2

Scrap for enterobiasis (pinworm infection). Such an analysis is convenient for young children to do at home. A specialist can take a smear directly in the laboratory, but this process usually causes active resistance in a child. In the early morning, moisten a clean cotton swab with water and wipe your baby's perianal folds. Place the swab immediately afterwards in a clean container.

Step 3

You can also stick a piece of cellophane adhesive film on the anus, quickly remove it and place it between two sterile glasses (a set of glasses and films will be given to you at the clinic). It is recommended to carry out such a survey 2-3 times at intervals of 3-5 days.

Step 4

Donate blood for the determination of helminths. Sometimes it is not possible to detect parasites by previous methods, and the doctor may advise you to perform an additional blood test for the content of immunoglobulins - molecules that fight toxins and pathogens. The result of a blood test will allow the doctor to treat it.

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