How To Shake A Thermometer

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How To Shake A Thermometer
How To Shake A Thermometer

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A mercury medical thermometer, in contrast to an electronic one, belongs to the class of the so-called maximum. It has a narrowing in the capillary, so that after cooling, there is no decrease in readings. Therefore, it must be shaken before each measurement.

How to shake a thermometer
How to shake a thermometer


Step 1

Check if the thermometer really needs shaking. If he already shows a temperature below thirty-five degrees, there is no need to carry out this procedure. If the mercury column of the thermometer is divided into several, shake it no matter what temperature it shows.

Step 2

Before shaking the thermometer, make sure that it does not touch any objects, regardless of their hardness. If you are not sure that you will not drop the thermometer, entrust this operation to someone from your home. When measuring the temperature of the child, do not allow him to shake the thermometer himself.

Step 3

Stand facing a soft sofa on which nothing lies. Take the thermometer in your right hand so that the bulb with mercury is directed forward. Squeeze it not too hard to crush it, but not too loosely to drop it. If you are afraid of crushing the measuring device with the ring, remove the latter while shaking.

Step 4

Shake yourself like this. Take the thermometer in your right hand as described above. Extend your arm and raise, then abruptly lower. After shaking the thermometer in this way several times, look at its scale. If the reading still exceeds thirty-five degrees, repeat the procedure.

Step 5

Place the thermometer under your arm. Keep him there for ten minutes, sitting still. Then pull out and read the readings. At the same time, keep the thermometer in such a position that the light reflects well from the mercury column, otherwise you will not see anything.

Step 6

After use, be sure to put the thermometer in a case and hide it out of the reach of children and pets. If you often have to measure the temperature of children or animals, or you are not sure that they will not break the thermometer accidentally or on purpose during the measurement, buy an electronic thermometer, and hand over the mercury one to the collection point for mercury-containing waste.

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