Which Tree Juices Can Be Extracted And Consumed In Spring

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Which Tree Juices Can Be Extracted And Consumed In Spring
Which Tree Juices Can Be Extracted And Consumed In Spring

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The juices of some trees are not only tasty, but also healthy. Even in ancient times, they talked about the miraculous power of birch, whose sap not only tones up, but also strengthens the body, increasing its protective functions. Maple sap also has a whole range of beneficial properties. Today, the medicinal properties of tree sap are confirmed by numerous studies and application experience.

Which tree juices can be extracted and consumed in spring
Which tree juices can be extracted and consumed in spring

Birch sap

Birch sap is harvested from the beginning of March, its strongest flow is observed in April. This is due to the fact that when the snow melts, a large volume of water enters the root of the tree. In this regard, large reserves of starch accumulated in the roots and trunk are converted into sugar, which dissolves in water. The movement of sap, which is also called "birch weeping", begins about a month before the first leaves bloom. So those who want to try a tasty and healthy drink have about 15-20 days to collect it.

Why is birch sap useful?

Birch sap has a positive effect on the entire body, with its help, not only preventive measures are possible, but also full treatment of diseases:

- urolithiasis;

- stomach ulcers;

- bronchitis and cough;

- rheumatism, arthritis and gout.

The drink will help in the fight against infections and harmful microorganisms. It is actively used to combat skin diseases and inflammatory processes of various origins.

The juice increases the overall tone, removes the feeling of fatigue, drowsiness and irritability. In addition, it performs a regenerative function and stimulates the normal course of metabolism.

Rules for the use of birch sap

After collecting the birch sap, you need to bottle it, adding 2 tsp to each bottle. Sahara. Store in a dark and cold place.

For medicinal purposes, only fresh juice is used; it can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days.

Maple juice

Maple begins to bloom early enough, and yields sap about three weeks before flowering, in early March. It appears much earlier than birch, and there is not much time for collection. It is worth noting that the juice is released more abundantly on a sunny day, and in freezing it stops flowing altogether.

Benefits of Maple Sap

The drink contains a large number of elements that are very important for the human body. These are vitamins, minerals and organic acids. Maple sap is famous for its bactericidal properties, therefore it can be used as an antiseptic on wounds. It is useful for vitamin deficiency, asthenia, as a prophylactic agent for colds, especially during the spread of ARVI.

What to look for when collecting and consuming tree sap

The quality and useful properties of juices directly depend on the place where the tree grows. Therefore, do not collect them in contaminated areas, such as near industrial plants, roads and railways.

Those who are limited in sugar intake should remember that sucrose is present in juices. Therefore, the use of the juice should be discussed with your doctor.

It is worth noting that conifers also produce sap, which is called "sap". It has a different consistency, because it hardens already on the bark of a tree, but it has excellent medicinal properties. As a rule, they are aimed at strengthening immunity, increasing the general condition of the body and combating spring vitamin deficiencies and asthenia.

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