How To Survive Hunger

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How To Survive Hunger
How To Survive Hunger
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Sometimes the ability to behave in an unforeseen situation can help save yourself or someone else's life. For example, those who are familiar with the rules of behavior in such conditions are more likely to survive in hunger.

How to survive hunger
How to survive hunger


Step 1

The main condition for survival in times of famine is the availability of food. Try to stock up on food for as long as possible - it will not be superfluous in any case and no matter the outcome of the situation. Therefore, it is advisable to choose food with a long shelf life - canned meat, fruits and vegetables, a variety of cereals and legumes, smoked meats and dried fish, if possible. This is called the initial emergency food reserve.

Step 2

It will greatly facilitate the task of having a land plot and at least basic skills in planting and caring for vegetables and fruits. This is the best way to provide yourself with food during times of hunger. It does not require the availability of money to buy food, as well as the effort and expense to find ways and opportunities to provide food for their own family. Plant unpretentious and at the same time useful crops - potatoes and tomatoes, beets, carrots, peas, and so on. On the above, you can live well and safely for more than one month, without having money or the opportunity to buy food.

Step 3

Always leave part of the harvest and products from the original reserve as an emergency reserve. This is a set of products that will last for several weeks of comfortable living for the whole family. It is stored in case of extreme situations and in no case is it wasted thoughtlessly.

Step 4

In the warm season, the so-called "pasture" will be a good addition to the menu. Most people don't even realize that many ubiquitous plants are not only edible, but also delicious. For example, young nettle shoots can be added to soups and salads, like burdock and dandelion leaves, and lingonberry and raspberry sprigs can be brewed instead of tea.

Step 5

Since food supplies are still limited, drink more water and exercise less. This will use less energy and the body will not seek to restore balance as soon as possible with calorie saturation. Physical labor, lack of sleep, illness and additional stress will only aggravate your condition. A signal to eat food with such a saving should become a feeling of weakness, dizziness and impending nausea. This means that the body has practically exhausted all its resources and needs to be restored.

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