How To Enlarge Your Penis

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How To Enlarge Your Penis
How To Enlarge Your Penis

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Many men, having a fairly standard and normal penis size, want to make it even larger. By nature, all men are males, and in order to conquer a woman, they must be confident in themselves. Penis size directly affects self-esteem, behavior and character of the stronger sex.

How to enlarge your penis
How to enlarge your penis

Male Dignity Augmentation Surgery

The surgical method of enlarging the male member is not always safe and reliable, like any operation. A long recovery after it is also a rather significant disadvantage. Nowadays, medicine has quite modern equipment, but even this does not give any guarantees. Doctors, as a rule, dissuade their patients from operations, since size is far from the main thing in a man, but this is not always possible.

The increase in manhood can be carried out in two ways: surgical and hardware.

Thanks to the surgical method, the penis can be enlarged by 0.7 in diameter and up to 6-8 centimeters in length. During surgery, the suspension ligament is cut - ligamentotomy. The member consists of a pair of corpora cavernosa. They are reservoirs that fill with blood and make the penis erect. A third of the length of these bodies is fixed by skin and ligament and is located inside the body of a man. During the operation, the suspensory ligament is dissected and due to this, the penis can be enlarged by several centimeters.

The hardware method of lengthening the penis includes the use of an extender, a special instrument. This procedure helps to increase the penis by 3-4 centimeters in length and 1-2 in volume.

Penis enlargement exercises

First exercise. By stretching the penis, you can increase its size. You need to take it slightly below the base of the head and stretch it slightly away from you. This exercise helps develop the ligaments that will help enlarge the organ.

Second exercise. This exercise came to Russia from Arab countries. Translated from Arabic "jelq", it means "milking". Use a lubricant to do the exercise. Massage your penis in a relaxed state.

Third exercise. Massage of masculinity should be performed in a circular motion. You need to do this about 30 times. This exercise helps restore impaired or poor circulation.

Fourth exercise. You can grab the penis and loosen the grip at its base. A man should feel that the blood is draining. During training, pain appears, so it needs to be carried out with short interruptions.

Fifth exercise. To begin with, you should lubricate the penis. Then stroke it, while grabbing your index and thumb around. From the base to the head of the penis, it is necessary to hold a firm grip, while stretching the skin as much as possible. To make the blood flow even more, it is worth returning to the base of the penis several times. Soon the man feels aroused, an erection. When a full erection occurs, you need to try to retain blood in the cavernous tissues.

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