How To Open The Sealant

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How To Open The Sealant
How To Open The Sealant

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A sealant is a paste-like material that differs in composition depending on the application. The main purpose of this substance is to seal various products to prevent the penetration of dust, water, dirt and air into them (through them).

How to open the sealant
How to open the sealant

It is necessary

  • - a special sealant gun;
  • - protective clothing;
  • - masking tape


Step 1

For the convenience of their use, sealants are produced in cartridges made for a special construction gun. Wear work gloves before using it to protect your hands from chemicals. In addition, work with such substances requires a respirator and special protective clothing.

Step 2

The following types of sealant guns are distinguished: tubular metal, skeletal tube gun with a hexagonal stem; Smooth stem semi-case sealant gun.

Step 3

Prepare your work surface: measure the seam, protect the surrounding material with masking tape.

Step 4

To install the cartridge into the gun, press its rear lever against the handle, then pull out the metal pin, thereby freeing up the space into which the container of sealant will be refilled. Then cut the tip of the tube at an angle of approximately 45 ° so that the hole matches the size of the slot. Next, push the piston all the way into the inserted cartridge.

Step 5

Squeeze the trigger (or gun lever) while applying sealant to the desired surface until the substance appears in the hole. Make sure that its droplets fill the seam. If sealant starts to leak, move the tip along the joint at the same speed.

Step 6

Lighten the plunger (piston) quickly when you reach the end of the joint to prevent the sealant from escaping.

Step 7

After work, the sealant gun must be disassembled and washed with warm water. There are no restrictions for storing open sealant. Store the opened cartridge in a cool dry place. At the end of the work, before storing, release some fresh silicone so that it appears at the end of the handpiece. Put on the cap, quickly wrap duct tape around the tip, or insert a nail into the tip and then wrap with tape.

Step 8

If you purchased the sealant in a small tail twist tube, then the use of a gun is not necessary here. Just open it and punch (or cut with a knife) the protection.

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