The Better To Glue The Plastic

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The Better To Glue The Plastic
The Better To Glue The Plastic
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Plastic is a material based on different polymers. Therefore, on the market you can find mixtures with a different adhesive composition. There are both universal and special types of adhesives. Various methods can be used when joining plastic parts.

The better to glue the plastic
The better to glue the plastic

Choosing the right glue

When choosing an adhesive, keep in mind that the use of foreign plastic compounds is highly undesirable. In addition, many plastics contain various auxiliary substances that have a negative effect on strength. Sometimes the injection molding method is used in the production of plastic parts. As a result of this treatment, the surface is very smooth. It needs careful preparation before gluing.

Examine the markings that are usually applied to the inside of the plastic part. For example, PUR is polyurethane, and PP is polypropylene, ABS, PVC are phenol and fiberglass. It is usually applied to the inside of the parts. Among the most popular adhesives suitable for various types of plastics are: Moment, Strong Plast, UNU, Welcon constraction, AKEIX. Universal formulations can be used if you are not versed in various types of plastic. But for gluing polyurethane, vinyl, fiberglass and phenol, it is better to use two-component types of adhesives, for example, Welcon constraction. The adhesive is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Choosing the right method

The heating method will help to improve the quality of bonding of some types of plastics. It is suitable for thermosetting polymers or polyurethanes. The connection of the softened elements will ensure adhesion strength. Sometimes solutions of various polymers are used. They contribute to the uniformity of the glue line. The strongest possible bond between polyurethane and polypropylene can be achieved with epoxy adhesive.

For a high-quality connection of two plastic elements, they should be kept under pressure for some time. The reinforcement method is also used for strong adhesion. For example, a layer of metallized powder is applied to the heated plastic surface - cast iron or steel filings, which dissolve in an organic solvent or are combined with plastic by heating. Choose a solvent according to the type of plastic. For example, toluene is suitable for polystyrene.

On sale you can find special adhesive tapes that are used even on an unprepared surface. Double-sided adhesive tapes specially designed for plastics will help to quickly glue the plastics. Such tapes allow you to connect not only homogeneous surfaces, but also plastic and glass, metal, wood.

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