How To Grow Horseradish

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How To Grow Horseradish
How To Grow Horseradish

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Horseradish is an unpretentious plant. Pests rarely attack sharp horseradish, most often only in hot weather. Horseradish can grow on any soil, but most often this plant prefers fertile moist loams.

How to grow horseradish
How to grow horseradish

It is necessary

  • - hoe;
  • - pots of different sizes;
  • - fertilizers.


Step 1

Horseradish has no seeds, so it is propagated vegetatively. There are dormant buds on the branched thick horseradish root. After harvesting the horseradish, the root particles remaining in the soil will soon germinate. You can plant cuttings cut from a thin annual root. They can be planted almost all year round - in spring, summer and early autumn (so that they have time to take root and germinate before the onset of the cold season). Horseradish cuttings should be planted obliquely. Apical root buds are also used in vegetable gardens. They can be cut, dried and planted in a pot with a light substrate. Roots and shoots will develop quickly; soon young plants can be transplanted into larger pots, and then into the beds.

Step 2

In areas with normal soil moisture, horseradish is advised to plant on a flat surface in furrows, and in damp places - on ridges. Furrows are poured with a hoe at a distance of 50-60 cm from each other. Then cuttings are laid out along the wall of the furrow at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the surface of the earth. A distance of 25-30 cm is left between the cuttings.After the furrow, they fall asleep so that the top of the cuttings is at a depth of 2-3 cm. depth of 2-3 cm. After any type of planting, the soil around the cuttings must be gently pressed.

Step 3

After the plants take over, all weak leaves must be cut off, leaving only the largest and most beautiful ones. They will grow rapidly and the root will become stronger.

Step 4

Horseradish is required to regularly loosen, huddle and fertilize. The plant should be poured carefully, as the soil dries out: both waterlogging and lack of water negatively affect the yield.

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