How To Learn To Tell The Time

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How To Learn To Tell The Time
How To Learn To Tell The Time
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Are you often late? Is time playing hide and seek with you and is constantly being lost somewhere? You are not alone. Bookstore shelves are filled with rows of time management textbooks and tutorials. But before you start managing time, you need to learn how to define it. The easiest way is to look at the clock. But what if you forgot them at home?

How to learn to tell the time
How to learn to tell the time


Step 1

The first thing that comes to mind is to ask passers-by what time it is. But in a poorly populated place or in a foreign country, this can become a real problem. Or maybe you are too shy? Street clocks are often found in the central squares. The exact time can be easily found at train stations, bus stations and airports - where the main events are clearly tied to a specific time. In underground metro stations, electronic displays displaying minutes and hours hang in a prominent place. Often a simple solution comes second to us. Almost everyone has a universal device in their pocket or bag - a mobile phone. And it doesn't matter how much it costs and what color. There is a built-in clock in any model. You just need to look at the screen to see how much there is. Radio broadcasts will also become your helpers in determining the time - DJs often call the current time. Roughly orient yourself in time by analyzing transport schedules, shop opening hours, etc. Before, few could afford to have their own watches. Basically, the time was determined by the ringing of church bells, notifying parishioners about the beginning of the service. Or in St. Petersburg, for example, there is still a tradition - every day at noon to fire a gun salvo from the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

Step 2

It is even more difficult to tell the time in the dark. You can't feel it, but you can hear it. In some houses, you can still see and hear a striking clock or cuckoo clock. Today's kids are especially fond of alarms with voice playback of the current time. However, waking up in the middle of the night, think about how happy people around will be to wake up from the message: “The exact time is five hours forty one minutes!” Alarm clocks and clocks with a luminous dial or electronic scoreboard are one of the most humane and useful inventions of mankind. Sit on the bed in the position that you most often sleep, close your eyes, reopen and determine the place where your gaze fell - this will be the optimal location of such a clock. Unfortunately, this method is unlikely to be suitable for visually impaired people.

Step 3

You can develop an inner sense of time through simple exercises by sticking to your daily routine and daily routine. Try to track and remember how much time you need for this or that action. For example, to get to work you need about 30-40 minutes, you can take a shower in 10 minutes, etc. You must constantly remember that time cannot stop at your will, it, like a river, flows past you.

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