How To Get A Lukoil Discount Card

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How To Get A Lukoil Discount Card
How To Get A Lukoil Discount Card

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In modern times, discount cards are very popular. These include fuel discount cards, which are a very convenient means of purchasing fuel at lower prices.

How to get a Lukoil discount card
How to get a Lukoil discount card


Step 1

If you want to become a holder of a Lukoil fuel company discount card, you just need to buy it.

Step 2

Before purchasing a Lukoil discount card, you should know that its cost depends on the discounts that the fuel company provides to its consumers. So, for example, discounts are from 2 to 4%. Moreover, all discounts are fixed. The discount card of the Lukoil company is a unique offer, since it can be used not only to purchase fuel, but also many other goods for the vehicle. In addition, being the owner of a Lukoil discount card during maintenance work, you can visit a cafe at a gas station or a store and buy goods at a discount, which are spelled out in the discount card agreement.

Step 3

In each region, the rules by which you can get a Lukoil discount card are different. For example, there are regions in which the maximum discount on the card is not 4, but 3%. However, the service of discount cards is practically the same. In addition, the Lukoil discount card has a cumulative bonus system that can be used to purchase some goods. These bonuses are simply debited from the owner's account, and the goods are given to him absolutely free.

Step 4

To purchase a Lukoil discount card, you need to contact any NPP of this company. It is worth noting that you should buy cards only in these places, since cards that are sold in the metro, in parking lots, underground pedestrian crossings and other places are in most cases fake. This fuel company does not sell discount cards in such places. Therefore, in order not to become a victim of fraudsters, purchase them only at nuclear power plants, where you can choose a type of discount card depending on your financial capabilities.

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