Where To Go If A Person Died

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Where To Go If A Person Died
Where To Go If A Person Died

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The death of a loved one is itself a tragic and stressful event. Relatives are in a state of grief and confusion and often do not know where to go and what to do. Nevertheless, there is a certain algorithm of actions that makes it possible to officially record the fact of death and prepare everything necessary for burial.

Where to go if a person died
Where to go if a person died

Where to go directly after the death of a person

Immediately after the death of a person, it is necessary to contact the department of the polyclinic at the place of residence where the deceased was registered, and call a doctor at the registry, who will record the fact of death and write a medical report.

Now you can go to the morgue. Morgue workers will come to pick up the body, and after a while (usually a few hours) at the morgue it will be necessary to obtain a death certificate with the results of the autopsy and the conclusion of the pathologist. Not so long ago, relatives could decide for themselves whether to place the deceased in the morgue, whether to carry out an autopsy. According to recent changes in legislation, these actions are mandatory, regardless of the wishes of relatives. The stay of the deceased in the morgue is paid.

With a certificate from the morgue and the passport of the deceased, you should go to the registry office, where they will issue a death certificate.

Funeral organization

When the death certificate has been received, you can apply to the local administration with an application for burial, obtain permission there for burial in a certain place. If the relatives want the deceased to be buried not in a separate grave, but in the place of burial of one of the previously deceased relatives, it will be necessary to submit documents confirming the family relationship of the deceased.

After that, you can contact the ritual office. Typically, these organizations provide the full range of services required to organize a funeral. There you can buy a coffin, a cross, funeral wreaths, and other things necessary for the funeral ceremony, hire workers who will dig a grave, order transport.

If the deceased worked or was a pensioner, but worked in the same organization for many years, it is worth reporting his death to the trade union committee at the place of work. Perhaps they will offer assistance in organizing the funeral or financial compensation.

After that, it is necessary to inform the morgue workers when the funeral will take place. Usually morgues provide services of a funeral hall where relatives, friends and relatives can say goodbye to the deceased.

In addition, it is customary to remember the deceased, therefore, on the same two days that the body of the deceased will be in the morgue, you should think about organizing a commemoration and, if necessary, order a hall in a cafe or restaurant. In addition, it is customary to commemorate the deceased in the cemetery directly during the funeral itself, and for this, you should also prepare everything you need.

After the funeral, you can apply to the pension fund of the Russian Federation, providing there a death certificate. The Pension Fund will charge state compensation for the burial.

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