How To Stop Playing Slot Machines

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How To Stop Playing Slot Machines
How To Stop Playing Slot Machines

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Unfortunately, often the hobby for slot machines is not just an interesting pastime, but a mania. A keen gambler spends all his money trying to hit the big jackpot, often mired in debt and losing the love and respect of loved ones. And at a certain moment he realizes that it is necessary to stop.

How to stop playing slot machines
How to stop playing slot machines


Step 1

As with drug addiction, gambling addiction can be cured by complete isolation. Since it is difficult to do this in the city - slot machines are, if not on every corner, then in every quarter for sure, take a vacation and go to the village. It doesn't matter if it will be the village where your grandmother lives, or an abandoned village in Altai, or perhaps you decide to go to Tibet. The main thing is that you will spend a month without the object of your passion and learn to find pleasure in other things.

Step 2

When you gamble, your brain releases endorphins, the hormone of joy. If you decide to quit playing, learn how to get endorphins in other ways. One of the most accessible is physical activity. Sign up for a gym. Most of all endorphin is produced during long-distance running, physical activity with a barbell, and martial arts.

Step 3

If you have iron willpower, just quit playing. This should be done in the same way as quitting smoking. Do not go to slot machines, do not communicate with avid gamblers, constantly try to entertain yourself with something, so as not to think about the lost winnings.

Step 4

For some, their addiction to computer games helped to stop playing slot machines. But before using this method, think about why you decided to quit gambling. If only due to the fact that you regularly lose large sums of money, feel free to download Counter-Strike and Warcraft. If you are confused by the fact that you spend all your free time playing games and you do not have enough time either for your family or for work, then using this method, you will exchange an awl for soap.

Step 5

If you can't stop playing on your own, and because of this, your relationship and career are crumbling, do not hesitate to seek help from a specialist. You can sign up both to an individual psychotherapist and to attend group sessions.

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