How To Check On A Lie Detector

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How To Check On A Lie Detector
How To Check On A Lie Detector

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The need to recognize lies appeared long ago - since the time people live in society, they know how to lie. People have always tried to recognize the liars, and many considered it their privilege - the leaders of the tribes, the church. Studies were carried out on facial expressions and gestures that accompanied the lie, by which it could later be recognized. One of the latest inventions of humanity in revealing liars is a lie detector.

How to check on a lie detector
How to check on a lie detector


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Since ancient times, people have known that a person who lies has a change in heart rate, heart rate increases, hands sweat, eyes dart, and the tone of voice changes. A modern person, starting to lie from childhood, with age can reach the heights of skill, and it will not be easy for a layman to recognize his lie. It is in this situation that it is best to use a polygraph.

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There are two ways to check a person on a lie detector. So, you can buy a lie detector, which will cost you a pretty penny. Or you can contact a company that provides lie detector testing services. Such companies work both with legal entities - large firms that use a polygraph when hiring and firing employees, carry out periodic checks of personnel, and with individuals.

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The usual services for individuals are a test of the servant for honesty, a test of the other half for the sincerity of their intentions to marry and for the absence of betrayals. You can check out prospective partners before an important deal or starting a joint business.

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The price of a lie detector test depends on where you would like to conduct the research. If you and your test person are ready to go to the lab, the price will be lower. If a specialist with a polygraph goes to your home, the cost of the procedure will be higher. Check the price list for the company's services on their website. Typically, the cost of researching the reactions of one person ranges from three to five thousand Russian rubles.

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