How The Beta Male Differs From The Alpha Male

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How The Beta Male Differs From The Alpha Male
How The Beta Male Differs From The Alpha Male

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When describing an alpha male, expressions such as "sexuality", "authority" and "self-confidence" can be used. It is these qualities that allow him to push the rest of the stronger sex into the shadows.

How the beta male differs from the alpha male
How the beta male differs from the alpha male

According to the theory of David L. Fur, all representatives of the stronger sex must be differentiated into 3 main groups: alpha, beta and gamma. Classification is carried out in accordance with the characteristic psychological traits of individuals.

The main differences between alpha males

From the very first minutes of acquaintance with the alpha male, there is no doubt that a person belongs to the leading group. In his presence, the rest of the men look depressed and clearly do not seek to enter into conflict in order to regain their lost positions.

The alpha male does not try to gain control of the crowd by resorting to force and cunning. Even with insufficiently developed intellectual abilities, the power of natural charm is so high that it does not allow doubting his authority.

The alpha male never questions his own statements and does not allow anyone to criticize himself. His confidence in his worth knows no bounds. However, this quality fuels the behavior of the surrounding women.

One gets the impression that as soon as a man beckons with a finger, a respectable lady will raise her hands up, surrendering to the mercy of the winner. Admiration is quite capable of turning into a kind of persecution. As a rule, the alpha male is constantly accompanied by beauties who are unable to overcome the sexual appeal of a real macho.

The alpha male's sexuality comes through clearly and sometimes hinders career development. A man has no time to think about global tasks, since about 90% of his thoughts and time are occupied by the problem of sexual satisfaction. Exceptions to this rule are extremely rare.

The Beta Male Difference

The beta male is able to turn his head and conquer the heart of a woman, but only in the absence of a real leader. Possessing excellent qualities, being a good-looking man, a man is involuntarily lost when a representative of the alpha clan appears. Beta lacks natural charm, self-confidence, that sexuality that makes women forget about the rules of decent behavior.

The beta male himself perfectly understands and accepts these circumstances. He is patient and waits for the alpha to become interested in the new object after enjoying the next toy. It is then that beta will show its wonderful qualities, giving a woman a shoulder for tears, becoming a friend, lover, husband.

By the way, unlike alpha males, beta often reaches a good social position, as it has enough time to develop a career. Do not confuse representatives of the beta and gamma groups.

The beta male is a self-sufficient person who is used to relying on his own strength for everything except sexual attraction. Gamma is incapable of self-realization and is often a burden on her family. Therefore, representatives of the gamma type often become gigolos.

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