Who Started The Rumor About Alla Pugacheva's Will

Who Started The Rumor About Alla Pugacheva's Will
Who Started The Rumor About Alla Pugacheva's Will
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Alla Borisovna Pugacheva was born on April 15, 1949 in Moscow. Since 1991, she has been People's Artist of the USSR, pop singer, composer, songwriter, pianist, producer, film actress and stage director. Currently, the “prima donna” is not touring and has retired from an active creative life. In July 2012, almost all the media reported that Alla Pugacheva drew up a will and publicly announced it.

Who started the rumor about Alla Pugacheva's will
Who started the rumor about Alla Pugacheva's will

Alla Borisovna Pugacheva has a daughter from her marriage to the Lithuanian circus artist Emundas Orbakas. Christina Edmundovna Orbakaite was born on May 25, 1971. On May 21, 1991, Alla Borisovna's daughter gave her first grandson Nikita Presnyakov.

The second grandson, Deni Baysarov, was born on May 10, 1998. And more recently, there was a replenishment in the family of Alla Borisovna. In the United States of America on March 30, or March 31 in Moscow, the first granddaughter of the "prima donna", Claudia Zemtsova, was born.

Since December 23, 2011, Alla Pugacheva has been married to the famous comedian Maxim Galkin. Since 2005, Pugacheva and Galkin have been living together.

In early July, the yellow press published a number of articles about Alla Borisovna's will. All the inheritance of Pugachev leaves his daughter Christina Orbakaite and eldest grandson Nikita Presnyakov. Husband Maxim Galkin, middle grandson Denis Baysarov and little granddaughter Klavdia Zemtsova are left without an inheritance.

Alla Borisovna herself assured the media that there was no will, and added - "You won't wait." In addition, if a will appears, only close relatives and a notary will know about it, who will draw up all the necessary documents.

Henceforth, Pugacheva intends to sue everyone who spreads unconfirmed rumors. Although she is already used to such situations. Repeatedly in the press, messages of a different nature appeared, which were not confirmed by Alla Borisovna herself. After talking with reporters, the singer said goodbye to them warmly.

Most of all, the daughter of Alla Borisovna, Christina Orbakaite, is outraged by the message about the will. Moreover, the press published a version of the will of all property to two family members. Like Alla Borisovna herself, Kristina Orbakaite intends to put a barrier to false information, especially since the article on libel is working again.

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