How To Write A Review For A Complaint

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How To Write A Review For A Complaint
How To Write A Review For A Complaint

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If you are acting as a respondent and an appeal or cassation complaint is filed against you, then you have the right to object to it. It is necessary to write a response to the complaint in writing. Such a withdrawal is a document in which you must state your counter-arguments regarding the claims that were set out in the complaint.

How to write a review for a complaint
How to write a review for a complaint


Step 1

The response to the appeal is not a reason for initiating a new court proceeding, it acts within the framework of the case, in essence of which the complaint was filed. The withdrawal is your remedy and helps the court to comprehensively consider the aspects of the case, taking into account your point of view on what happened. With its help, the court can correctly and timely resolve the dispute that has arisen.

Step 2

File an objection to the complaint with the court in which the case is being considered. In it, indicate the name and address of the organization or individual who filed the complaint, as well as the name of your business or, if you are an individual, your last name, first name and patronymic. Don't forget to include your address.

Step 3

Write your objection text. Provide your arguments with references to specific provisions of the law. Include surnames, positions, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses. This is necessary for the correct and timely consideration of your objections and making a decision on this case. Put down the serial numbers and list under the text of the review all the documents that you attach to it as evidence of your objections and the given facts. You or a person acting under a duly issued power of attorney must sign the review.

Step 4

In the main part of this document, in which you set out the essence of your objections, you can write a petition and state the requests to the court that you have. For example, you can ask the court to request additional evidence of your case if you were refused to provide it.

Step 5

Send the review to the court at the address indicated in it. You can take it with your own hand or send it by mail with a receipt confirmation.

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