How To Clean An Apartment From Negativity

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How To Clean An Apartment From Negativity
How To Clean An Apartment From Negativity
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Constant quarrels, visits from unwanted guests, misfortunes are the reasons for the accumulation of negative energy in the house. Living in an apartment with negativity is unbearable. The feeling of comfort and security disappears, anxiety, fear, insomnia appear. Flowers wither quickly, indoor plants dry up. To return your home to its former comfort, you need to cleanse it of negative energy.

How to clean an apartment from negativity
How to clean an apartment from negativity


The easiest way is to clean the energy at home with ordinary table salt. Perform a general cleaning of the apartment. Add a handful of salt to the water. Stir to dissolve completely and start cleaning. It is necessary to wipe furniture, household appliances, floor and walls with this solution.

You can also put cups or saucers with salt in all corners of the apartment after general cleaning. Let them stand there for a day. The salt will absorb the negative energy. Then flush the salt down the toilet.

Holy water and candles

Stand at the front door and light the church wax candle. Walk with her around the whole apartment clockwise, look into every corner. If the candle starts to crackle or smoke, stay in that spot a little longer. Also pay attention to all mirrors and reflective surfaces in your home. Cross the corners and projections 3 times with a candle. During the cleansing, read the prayer "Our Father". After going around the apartment in a circle, you should be again at the front door. Go out into the entrance and cross the door from the outside. Then make a second circle around the apartment with holy water. Sprinkle it all over the apartment. After completing the ritual, throw the candle stub out of the house and take a shower.


Another easy way to clean the negativity out of your home is to use the most common bow. He also has the ability to absorb negative energy. Cut a few onions in half. Place the resulting halves in the center of each room with a cut top. And after 12 hours, remove the bow without touching it with your hands. Put it in a bag or box and bury it somewhere deserted.

And so that a large amount of negative energy does not accumulate in your home, make it a rule to periodically do the following. Wash the floor and dust the furniture with salted water. If someone unpleasant to you enters the house, wash the floor with salt immediately after he leaves. Light a church candle once a week, such as Sunday. Let it burn to the end. Place the icons on the east side of the apartment at human height. For example, Guardian Angel, Mother of God or Savior. From time to time, carry out an "audit" in cabinets and mezzanines. Do not regret parting with things that you have not worn or used for a long time. Also, do not leave broken items. Keep your home clean at all times. Try to ventilate the apartment every day.

Do not forget that you are the owner of your apartment. And the energy of your home depends only on you, and with it the mood and health of your family and friends.

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