How To Return To Israel

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How To Return To Israel
How To Return To Israel

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"Toshav Hozer" is a returning person, as in Israel they call those who decided to return to their historical homeland. Today in this country there is a legislative act called "The Law of Return", which allows citizenship to be issued to those who have family ties with the citizens of the country or for some reason had to live outside its borders for a long time.

How to return to Israel
How to return to Israel


Step 1

According to Israeli law, the easiest way to return to the country is for those who left before reaching 14 years of age, but returned after 17. These citizens not only receive citizenship in a simplified manner, but also material support from the State of Israel.

Step 2

To fall into the category of "returnees", contact the Ministry of Absorption in Israel. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and collect a package of documents; in some cases, even during the initial application, an interview may take place, which, I must say, often takes a long time and concerns completely different aspects of your life.

Step 3

Collect a package of documents: identity card (Israeli, if available), passport or documents for a residence permit outside Israel, documents on education, marital status, birth certificate (sometimes - birth certificates of parents), military ID, as well as a document, which testifies to the passage or non-passage of service in the Israeli army, 2 photographs for documents, a receipt for payment of the duty.

Step 4

Please note that if you are not able to enter the territory of Israel, you can apply to the Repatriation Centers around the world with the indicated documents. There you can also get more detailed information in relation to your specific case.

Step 5

If you are an adult, with family relationships, etc., the procedure will generally be the same as for young people, with the exception that you will have to prove your Jewish identity. Remember that nationality is determined by the mother.

Step 6

The second point that creates difficulties for people of age is numerous checks and requests to law enforcement agencies for the presence of a repatriate's criminal record. The fact is that, firstly, answers to such inquiries do not come quickly, and secondly, even an administrative offense may well become a refusal to obtain citizenship.

Step 7

It is also important that when accepting documents for citizenship from adult citizens, officials will certainly take an interest in what means you intend to live on and where you will work. Citizens who returned to the country must have the means to live and provide information about the prospective place of work. In addition, you will need to separately prove that you have not worked for an Israeli outside of Israel for the last 5 years.

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