How Streets Are Named

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How Streets Are Named
How Streets Are Named

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Walking many times along the streets of any city, people do not even notice their names. Unless, of course, they need to find a specific building. However, the names of each of them can tell about a particular date, event, personality and even an era.

How streets are named
How streets are named

Streets are named according to their belonging to different groups. These can be historical figures, significant dates of battles or discoveries, structures or cultural objects, etc.

Family names

The first large group can be considered the streets that are named after a particular person. These can be cultural figures, scientists, politicians, fictional characters.

If you live on the streets of Zhukov, Suvorov, Kulakov, know that they are named after experts in military affairs. The streets of Kurchatov, Tsiolkovsky, Sakharov were given the names of scientists. The streets of Gogol, Zhukovsky and Pushkin bear the proud names of writers, and the streets named after politicians may bear the names of Marx, Lenin or Uritsky. In addition, there are streets named after fictional characters. So, in the American city of Rio Rancho there is a street named after the literary character Gandalf - the hero of a series of books by the English writer John Tolkien.

Other names

The largest group will be “object” streets. There may be the names of workers of enterprises, for example, Zavodskaya, Fabrichnaya, Liteinaya. This also includes transport streets such as Station or Vokzalnaya. They can also be named by the institutions that are located on them or were once located: Hospital, School, Postal.

It is worth mentioning the socialist names that have been invented over the past century. This includes all kinds of streets of Friendship, Peace, Cosmonauts, Victory, Sovkhoznye, Komsomolskie, etc.

Also streets can be named according to nature. Here you can see Spring, Bolotnaya, Lesnaya, Rechnaya, Solnechnaya, Vostochnaya, Rybnaya. It should be said about the territories. These include streets such as Sakhalinskaya, Moskovskaya, Smolenskaya, etc. This happens for various reasons. Most often, one city can distinguish itself in something, but in another, subject to it, a street is named after it. They can also be designated by the nearest settlement, for example, Latvian, Chkalovskaya, Nezhinskaya. Play a role in the name and location of the streets: Central, Extreme. You can find streets denoting special concepts, for example, High-voltage, Electrotechnical.

In addition, streets can be named after calendar dates or numbers. These are the streets of March 8, 60 years of October, Pervomaisk, 1905, or 37th, 5th line or 9th western street.

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