How To Write A Family Tree

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How To Write A Family Tree
How To Write A Family Tree

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In the Soviet Union, remembering your own roots, especially if there were no proletarians and peasants in the family, was very dangerous. And during this period, many have forgotten or never found out who their ancestors were. Now the compilation of a family tree has become fashionable.

How to write a family tree
How to write a family tree


Step 1

If you decide to delve into the pedigree and build a family tree, start by talking to older relatives. They are a storehouse of information. Their memories of their own grandparents will be extremely helpful. Even a simple name and place of residence can be helpful when looking for more information. Write down all the memories in a notebook and use this data for further searches.

Step 2

Once you get the first information, go to the internet to try to supplement it. There are special portals -, and some others, where you can find out the history of your surname absolutely free of charge. In addition, there are forums in which users communicate in order to find distant relatives. Just be careful not to fall for the scammers' trick. If a window opens on the site with a request to send an SMS - to confirm registration, help in searches, etc. - close the page immediately. This is a portal created by dishonest people who make money in this way. Here you will definitely not be helped by anything, even by stealing a certain amount from your phone account.

Step 3

If you cannot find enough information about the origin of the genus, contact specialized scientific centers. Scientists engaged in onomastics analyze the origin of names and surnames, and will be able to reliably tell and document the history of almost every family. Their services are quite expensive, but you will know exactly where your last name came from.

Step 4

Having received all possible information, take a sheet of Whatman paper and sketch a tree on it. Near the very root are the most distant ancestors that you managed to find out about. Enter first name, last name, place of residence and occupation. Then, climbing higher along the trunk, indicate great-grandfathers, great-grandmothers, parents, their brothers and sisters, etc. Leave room on the branches for yourself, your own children and grandchildren.

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