How To Collect A Parcel For A Zone

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How To Collect A Parcel For A Zone
How To Collect A Parcel For A Zone

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The package for the area is different from the regular package. It must be collected according to certain rules, otherwise it will simply not be allowed through, and the addressee will not receive your long-awaited transmission.

How to collect a parcel for a zone
How to collect a parcel for a zone

It would seem that this is a simple matter: put everything that you asked for in the box. But there are some points that are important to observe before sending a parcel to a convicted prisoner.

Products that are needed in the zone

Instant mashed potatoes and meat-flavored noodles: put at least 20 pieces. Porridges that do not require cooking are popular, because they are definitely tastier than prison gruel. Broth cubes (eg Maggi) are added to all dishes to enhance the flavor. Transfer at least 300 grams. Also add seasonings: black pepper, dry garlic, dill, parsley, any seasoning mixtures. You can only use tomato paste in plastic packaging.

Coffee, tea and cigarettes are a kind of "currency" for the prisoners. It is better to choose leaf tea, not very expensive. As for cigarettes, they always put them in. If a person does not smoke, then he can use them to treat inmates, or ask the beholder for something. Pour tea and coffee into plastic bags.

Gingerbread, cookies and other sweets - two kilograms is enough. From sweets, lollipops would be a suitable option, they must first be freed from the wrappers. Chocolates may melt in transit. Transfer honey in a bucket of mayonnaise. Sugar is often forbidden to put in parcels, because moonshine is made from it, honey will be a prophylactic agent against infection with tuberculosis. Do not forget about condensed milk in soft packaging.

There is a great demand for sausage, stewed meat, bacon and other meat products in the colony, there is not enough of them and you always want meat. Lard is a high-calorie product and is inexpensive. You can put smoked, but salty is stored much longer. Pass canned meat and fish. Buy fish vacuum packed or dried.

From vegetables, you can transfer tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage. Be sure to add garlic and onions, because their use will reduce the incidence of colds. For fruits, apples are ideal. Do not put a lot, they quickly deteriorate. Better to transfer dried fruits.

Butter and vegetable oils are common things in prison, they are added to any dishes to improve their quality and taste, and they are also eaten with bread. "Free" bread in the parcel will take up a lot of space. Put in a small loaf if the prisoner asks strongly.


When drawing up a parcel, you need to take into account how high-calorie and compact the products are. There is no point in pampering a person with expensive treats. Send what you really need. For convicts in the zone, any products from the outside are a delicacy. Postal rules strictly limit the weight of parcels, so do not waste free space in the box on things that the convicted person can easily do without.

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