How To Get A Diplomatic Passport

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How To Get A Diplomatic Passport
How To Get A Diplomatic Passport

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation asks the military and civil authorities of Russia and the Friendly States to freely let the holder of the diplomatic passport through. The question arises, how can you get the coveted document that simplifies life on a business trip?

How to get a diplomatic passport
How to get a diplomatic passport


Step 1

Become the chosen one of the people. In fact, getting a diplomatic passport is not as easy as it might seem. Unlike the usual foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, this document can be obtained by a few people in the country, just like the red numbers on your car. A diplomatic passport allows you to travel to some countries without a visa, in some countries obtaining a visa is noticeably simplified. If you have any problems with the law in the host country, then the domestic consulate will help you more quickly. But in order to still have this official document, you need to be at least a deputy of the State Duma or a senator of the Federation Council. Where it is easier to get there is a controversial issue. You can still win the presidential election and also travel with the coveted document. But hardly anyone will dare just because of a passport that gives some advantages to radically change their lives and go into politics.

Step 2

Build a highly successful career as a lawyer or banker. In addition to deputies, senators, the president and ministers, judges of the Constitutional, Supreme and Supreme Arbitration Courts of the Russian Federation can obtain a diplomatic passport in the Russian Federation. Of course, it is worth understanding what path needs to be taken from a law student to a qualified employee of the highest courts. You can get a diplomatic passport as the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. If you believe that this is possible, at least in theory, you can try to get the document in this way.

Step 3

Get into the same family as the holder of a diplomatic passport. Family members, namely spouses, or minor children of the holder of a diplomatic passport are also entitled to receive the coveted document. In principle, all of the above paths cannot be called easy, choose which one is closer to you, if you still want to get a diplomatic passport.

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