How To Tell A Poisonous Snake

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How To Tell A Poisonous Snake
How To Tell A Poisonous Snake

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It is quite difficult to recognize a poisonous snake, since there is no single sign characteristic of this species of individuals. Often, such snakes differ from simple ones in the presence of venomous glands and teeth, which are extremely difficult to detect even in a dead snake. Still, you can distinguish a poisonous snake from a harmless one.

How to tell a poisonous snake
How to tell a poisonous snake


Step 1

Learn the species that may be found in the region where you live. No more than two species of poisonous snakes live anywhere in the world. Remember what they look like, this will help you avoid the danger of being bitten and free from fear. The viper has a brown color and has a zigzag pattern on the back. Gyurza is the owner of a large thick body of grayish-sandy or red-brown color with transversely elongated spots along the back. The golden-sandy ffoh has large white spots all over its body, the head is decorated with a kind of cross, and there is a light zigzag on the side.

Step 2

Do not expect to identify the snake by any common distinguishing features. There is none of them. For example, the opinion that all poisonous snakes have spear-shaped or triangular heads and slit eyes is not only wrong, but also dangerous. Of course, many representatives of this species have such heads, but not all.

Step 3

Learn the habits of poisonous snakes. It can save your life when you meet them. Cobra, attacking, makes a throw that is equal to one third of the length of her body. The most famous pose of the cobra: the front third of the body is lifted vertically, the hood is inflated, swaying from side to side, accompanied by hiss. When a throw is threatened, the gyurza bends the front half of the body in a zigzag shape. In case of danger, Efa is rolled into an outlet with a head in the center.

Step 4

Be aware that a venomous snake bite leaves 2 stripes of scratches on the skin with a puncture from the fangs at the end of each strip. A non-venomous snake also leaves 2 scratches, only without punctures.

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