Where To Donate Old Things

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Where To Donate Old Things
Where To Donate Old Things

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In almost every home, old things accumulate over time. It is quite possible that they have been stored for many years and have survived more than one generation. Or they simply went out of fashion, lost their former look and value. Most likely, these things have become unnecessary for a long time, and the hand does not rise to throw everything away. There are places where old things will be accepted with pleasure, and they may be useful to someone else.

Old things
Old things


Step 1

You can try to resell something you don't need by posting a photo and product description on your free classifieds site. There are many low-income families who cannot afford to buy a new thing, they simply cannot afford it. And such sites just work to help such people, making it possible to purchase, albeit worn-out, but in good condition. Children's supplies and clothes that are bought for a specific occasion and are often changed are selling especially well.

Step 2

You can help orphans by donating old, but quite suitable for later wear clothes and shoes to an orphanage. Gifts such as soft toys, books, equipment, cosmetics, stationery and much more, boarding schools and orphanages are gratefully accepted.

Step 3

Such items as clothing for adults, blankets, bedding and hygiene products are always welcome at nursing homes. This is especially important for them and is necessary so that grandparents, living in government institutions, feel the most comfortable.

Step 4

The fund for helping prisoners, which collects warm clothes for the women's colonies, always needs additional support. Sweaters, jackets, boots, boots, scarves, warm tights and mittens are constantly required. A prerequisite is the provision of clothes of exclusively dark colors, since it is not allowed to wear bright colors in the colony.

Step 5

Old unnecessary things can also be handed over to the church for subsequent disinterested assistance to poor people and refugees. To do this, the clothes folded in a bag must be left near the house of God or given to the priest personally.

Step 6

Finally, homeless people are in constant need of clothing. Anything can happen in life, any person can be in such a situation. Not to pass by and help such a category of people means not to be indifferent to someone else's misfortune. There is nothing worse than indifference.

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