How To Use A Quartz Lamp

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How To Use A Quartz Lamp
How To Use A Quartz Lamp

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Quartz lamps are widely used for disinfection of medical offices. They are increasingly being used at home. But this device must be used in accordance with certain rules, otherwise there is a risk of burns to the eyes and skin, as well as ozone poisoning - a poisonous gas that occurs when ultraviolet radiation affects the oxygen contained in the air.

How to use a quartz lamp
How to use a quartz lamp


Step 1

Connect the quartz lamp to the lighting network using an extension cord extended to an outlet located in the next room.

Step 2

Place the lamp in the room to be treated so that as much of the wall and ceiling area as possible is illuminated by its ultraviolet light. Remove all plants from the room (simple covering will not help as it will not protect them from ozone). Ask all people, including children, to leave the room, take out pets, take out aquariums and terrariums for a while. Even for those of terrarium animals that need the light of a special ultraviolet lamp, the medical quartz lamp is contraindicated, since it emits much harder ultraviolet light.

Step 3

Make sure the extension cord in the next room is not plugged in yet. Plug the lamp into an extension cord. If it has a switch, turn it to the on position.

Step 4

Route the cable under the door and close the door so that it is not pinched. Plug the extension cord into an outlet in the adjacent room. After a few seconds, open the door for a moment, make sure that the lamp is on, and then close it again. The duration of this procedure should not exceed 0.5 seconds.

Step 5

Being in the adjacent room (which should be ventilated at this time), make sure that no one enters the treated room.

Step 6

After about half an hour, unplug the power strip. But do not go into the room and do not let anyone in for another hour, which is necessary for all the ozone to be completely converted into regular oxygen again.

Step 7

After the end of exposure, open the room, add plants, aquarium and terrarium, if any, into it, and then remove the lamp.

Step 8

Do not touch the pins of the plug when it is removed from the socket. For safety, after removing the plug, discharge the capacitor found in some quartz emitters through a screwdriver, without touching its tip.

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