How To Replace The Thermal Film In The Printer

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How To Replace The Thermal Film In The Printer
How To Replace The Thermal Film In The Printer

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Aging or damage to the thermal film is one of the reasons for dark streaks on paper. With this problem, it is not necessary to contact a service center, it will be much faster and cheaper to carry out repairs yourself.

Disassembly of the laser printer
Disassembly of the laser printer

It is necessary

  • - Screwdriver Set;
  • - Tweezers;
  • - New thermal film;
  • - Brush.


Step 1

Thermal film in laser printers is highly susceptible to aging and abrasion, so replacing it is a fairly standard procedure. Even an unprepared person can perform repairs in one and a half to two hours; it is enough to study the sequence of operations. It is advisable to study the inside of the printer and keep the instruction manual handy. To replace the thermal film, you must remove the fuser from the printer, the removal procedure for which varies depending on the model of the device.

Step 2

To remove the heating oven, you need to disassemble the printer from the rear side, having previously disconnected it from the mains. First you need to remove the back cover, which is secured with several self-tapping screws located under the paper feed tray. The fuser is secured to the back of the printer with self-tapping screws or plastic clips. When it is released from its fasteners, it should be carefully removed and placed next to the printer. In this case, you will need to disconnect the wires that are connected to the printer with connectors with a plastic housing.

Step 3

Remove the cover from the fuser by unscrewing a few screws. Springs are installed on the cover, and therefore it must be removed carefully so as not to lose small parts. In the upper part of the fuser there is a heating element, under it is a rubber roller with gears. The wires going to the heating element must be carefully untangled and spread in different directions. The furnace heater is installed in fork guides and can be easily removed. Further operations will be carried out only with the heating element, so unnecessary parts can be removed from the workplace.

Step 4

There are electrical terminals on the ends of the heater, which must be disconnected by gently prying the clips with tweezers. The side caps also need to be removed, without the need for significant effort. In many printer models, it is enough to free only one end of the heating element, after which the tube with the thermal film can be removed from the heating part. The inner surface of the heater should be blown out or cleaned with a wide-bristled brush.

Step 5

The next step is to install a new thermal film. It is put on the heater, after which the plugs and electrical terminals are returned to their place. The heating element must be installed in the guides and closed with a lid, after placing the springs on small protrusions. The stove is installed in place, screwed on with self-tapping screws, then the electrical wires should be connected. After installing the back cover, you can perform a test print.

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