How To Check The Print Quality Of Your Typography

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How To Check The Print Quality Of Your Typography
How To Check The Print Quality Of Your Typography

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The print quality must be checked by the publisher before the material is released into circulation. It is not difficult to do this on your own, but you can turn to specialists for help so that you will be examined and given a document with the results in your hands.

How to check the print quality of your typography
How to check the print quality of your typography


Step 1

Try to determine the "quality of the book" yourself. This is a technical assignment, according to which the printing house prints the circulation of the material. You first need to choose paper for the indoor unit, cardboard for binding, film for lamination of the cover, which can be glossy or matte. You can ask the publisher to have the book printed on newsprint and assembled in a soft glue binding, or you can choose copies made on coated paper using full color printing technology and in hardcover.

Step 2

Take a look at the samples of the book edition in which you want to print the book. Go to the office, where you will be shown samples of previously released copies by various authors. Explore the largest and smallest editions, touch the binding of the edition. Allocate a paperback with an adhesive binding or a stitched book block, a hardcover with a laminated cover or foil stamping, etc.

Step 3

Select a printing method. For example, offset or risograph. Offset printing is the most versatile and most productive way, so it is easy to achieve a large print run. This is how both text and images are printed: gradient and color.

Step 4

Try to check the print quality on a risograph if you plan to print small editions of books. This will save you money, since you can publish no more than 300 copies. This method has a relatively low output resolution, so it is better to print products with photographs using an offset method. This will ensure the quality of high-resolution photos.

Step 5

Digital printing is characterized by high quality of transfer of colors and halftones. But at the same time it has a high unit cost, therefore it is used when printing of small figures, tables is required. Or you are planning a small edition of books with color photographs. In other cases, it is more cost effective to use the offset method.

Step 6

Print a test page of text to check the color profile. You can check the color balance by asking the publisher to print one black-and-white photo on special equipment that is used in the work. Examples should be free of color impurities. Compare the images with a calibrated monitor in paper simulation mode. It is available in several programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, CorelDraw.

Step 7

Decide what kind of seal is needed for our circulation? Digital is performed within a few minutes on a special printer, offset - from 7 days and more on sophisticated printing equipment, so it is more convenient to print a large number of copies at once.

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