Where To Complain About Cars

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Where To Complain About Cars
Where To Complain About Cars

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In no yard, residents are not insured against the appearance of an ownerless car, which will stand for months, years. It is gradually taken apart in parts, and now it is not just an ownerless car, but a real junk. Or, for example, someone has parked a car on the sidewalk and it interferes with pedestrians. In either case, you have to complain where you need to, and this car will be removed, but you still need to know where to complain.

Where to complain about cars
Where to complain about cars


Step 1

You have noticed a parked car in the yard, it stands by the side of the road or interferes with the passage of other cars. Everything is in order with her appearance, that is, it is clear that the car is not abandoned, but the owner has not appeared for a long time. In this case, it will be appropriate to contact the traffic police.

Step 2

Take a photo of the car, the parking lot, write a statement addressed to the head of the traffic police department where you intend to apply. The application form is free. You can send an application to the traffic police by mail or you can write an e-mail. Another option is to contact the district police officer. As a result, an incorrectly parked car will be taken to a special parking lot.

Step 3

But what if the car is parked according to all the rules and there are no traffic violations? If the car is parked in the yard for a long time (for example, a couple of weeks), and it is not possible to identify its owner, you can contact the police with a statement about a suspicious vehicle. After all, a car can be listed in theft. But if it turns out that, say, the owner is resting for himself somewhere abroad, the authorities will have no complaints against him, if only the car is parked according to all the rules.

Step 4

Situation with junk thrown in the yard. You can get rid of a car that does not "show signs of life", which was taken away for parts and became not a car, but rubbish, by contacting the local authorities.

Step 5

Take a photo of the abandoned car, write a statement to the local administration, municipality in which you demand to take measures to eliminate auto junk.

Step 6

Further, everything will depend on what regulatory documents are in force in your locality. Most often, in cases where it is required to remove the trash from the yard, after the receipt of the application, representatives of the traffic police and local authorities collect a commission whose members check the facts stated in the application, establish the owner of the car, and he receives an order with the requirement to put his car in order. A similar requirement is posted on the car if the owner could not be identified.

Step 7

They usually wait for a reaction from the owner of an abandoned car for about 30 days, after which the vehicle is evacuated and disposed of. The costs for this are paid from the local budget if the owner of the car could not be identified.

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