How To Arrange A Boat

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How To Arrange A Boat
How To Arrange A Boat

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After buying or building a boat on his own, the owner is faced with the question of registering it. Knowing in which cases it is possible to do without registration, and in which it is necessary, will save the owner of a small boat a lot of time and effort.

How to arrange a boat
How to arrange a boat


Step 1

You should be aware that not all small boats are subject to registration. It is not necessary to register rowing boats with a carrying capacity of less than 100 kg, kayaks with a carrying capacity of less than 150 kg and inflatable boats without a motor with a carrying capacity of less than 225 kg. Also, you do not need the rights to drive a rowing boat and to use an engine with a capacity of up to 3, 68 kilowatts (5, 004 hp).

Step 2

If your boat does not fit into these parameters, it must be registered with the State Inspection for Small Vessels (GIMS). There are GIMS branches in every region. Remember that the registration of the boat must be made within ten days from the date of purchase, receipt of a gift, inheritance, etc.

Step 3

To register a boat, go to the GIMS branch at your place of residence, take receipts for payment of state duties and pay the required amount at Sberbank. Next, show your vessel to the GIMS inspector. You have two options: you can bring the ship to an inspection or call an inspector to the ship's storage area. In the second case, you will have to pay for the inspector's call at the rate of about 500 rubles per hour. Before you call the inspector, ask if you can not do without a call - they may meet you halfway and limit themselves to viewing the documents you have provided.

Step 4

After inspecting the boat, the inspector will draw up an inspection report, you fill out an application for registration and give it to the inspector. In the event that you want to design a homemade boat, you must provide the inspector with its drawing in three projections with a numbered indication of the structural elements, as well as receipts for the materials purchased for its construction. If the boat is purchased, give the inspector copies of the purchase documents.

Step 5

The registration process is over, you just have to wait for the ship's ticket to be received. This usually takes one to three weeks. After receiving the ship's ticket, put the numbers assigned to it on the sides of your boat. Once you have the right to operate the boat, you can start using it. If you have not worried about obtaining a license in advance, you will have to undergo a one and a half month training course for navigators and pass exams at the State Inspection Institute.

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