How To Get The Right To A Yacht

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How To Get The Right To A Yacht
How To Get The Right To A Yacht

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Sea travel is a fascinating and rewarding form of recreation. Sea voyages on your own yacht are doubly pleasant. To seriously engage in sailing, or at least arrange a small cruise for yourself, you need to get the right to operate a yacht. It is better if you have two documents - Russian and international.

How to get the right to a yacht
How to get the right to a yacht

It is necessary

  • - a computer with an internet connection;
  • - phonebook.


Step 1

Contact your nearest yacht club. It is possible that you no longer need to go anywhere. Some of them have yacht schools. This step makes sense even if the club does not have the right to teach future yachtsmen. There they will tell you exactly where you need to go, and they will give you the address of the GIMS territorial subdivision.

Step 2

At the State Inspection for Small Vessels, you will be offered to take a course under the program "Helmsman - skipper - captain of a motor-sailing vessel". There is also a list of organizations that provide such training. This can be done both in a specialized institution that has an appropriate license, and remotely, and independently. But in any case, the exam will be taken by the inspector of the State Inspectorate of the State Inspection, so the first method is preferable.

Step 3

The certificate contains the class of the vessel, which depends on the area of ​​the sails. It will also indicate where you can swim. Internal water communications of Russia are divided into several types. In the certificate, they are indicated by two or three letters. The training program depends on the area in which you will be allowed to swim. The letters of the MP designate sea routes, that is, the seas within the borders of Russia. In order to be able to use them, you must complete a three-month training course. For the other two districts, one month is enough. Inland waterways are GDP, and inland waters not included in the waterway list are recorded as BB.

Step 4

GIMS does not give permits for navigation on international waterways located in the territories of other countries. To do this, you need an international certificate. There are several organizations that issue them. Three are considered the most solid. The British system of yachting schools Royal Yachting Ass (RYA) has been in existence for over a hundred years. The competition is mainly made up of American Sailing Ass (ASA) and International Yacht Master Training (IYT). Unfortunately, an internationally recognized certificate is not recognized in Russia, and with only one Russian certificate one can run into trouble in any foreign port. The fastest way to find a suitable international yacht school is via the Internet, the vast majority of them have their own websites.

Step 5

It is possible that in order to study at an international school, you will need a basic knowledge of the English language. Repeat it before you start learning. This will save you time in the future. This is especially important if you intend to study remotely. The courses of study in international schools are different. At the first stage, you can be awarded the title of a useful team member, in the future your status will gradually increase under the guidance of an experienced instructor, and at the end of the full course you can become a captain and receive an appropriate international license.

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