How To Check The Auction Sheet

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How To Check The Auction Sheet
How To Check The Auction Sheet

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Auction cars in Japan are accompanied by a special table showing the characteristics of the vehicle, its equipment and any damage to the body and interior. A document with such a table is called an auction sheet. It is drawn up by expert appraisers before the auction.

How to check the auction sheet
How to check the auction sheet


Step 1

The car put up for auction is carefully inspected by the auction specialists. They indicate modernization, additional equipment, technical inspection. The main thing that interests a potential buyer is not only technical characteristics, but also an assessment of his general condition. For such an assessment, there are letter and number designations that are similar for many auctions.

Step 2

An almost perfect car is denoted by the letter S. The letter A or R means that the car has been in a minor accident. A combination of RAs indicates a structural intervention following a major accident or model retrofit.

Step 3

Numerical designations give a characteristic of the engine and the appearance of the body. The highest number 6 is excellent engine condition, low mileage and age. 5 - good engine, subtle external defects. If the car has small scratches or rust spots, then this is 4, 5. The car is "aged", but in fair condition has a rating of "4". There are more visible defects here than in the 4-5 rating, and the interior does not shine either. "3, 5" show significantly more mileage than "4", various parts were repaired or replaced. The body requires painting, the interior is unimportant. Also characterized by cars with a rating of "3"

Step 4

Cars requiring complete repair are marked with the number "2". With a rating of "1", the vehicle is severely rusty, has been in water, or has been replaced with non-standard parts. 0 means that the vehicle is being sold for parts.

Step 5

From the description, it is not always possible to determine the extent of the damage, since there is no plural in Japanese. For example, a hole burned by a cigarette may not be the only one, and a rust stain suggests a rusty bottom. If you find, for example, a scratch on the auction sheet table, you need to look for this damage on the car. Thus, the consistency of the indicators of the auction sheet can be verified by careful examination. You can entrust this to an experienced specialist.

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