How To Make Chinese Sticks

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How To Make Chinese Sticks
How To Make Chinese Sticks
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Handmade Chinese chopsticks can be an exclusive decoration for your kitchen interior. In addition, the sticks presented to a friend, according to Chinese beliefs, bring prosperity and prosperity to his home.

How to make Chinese sticks
How to make Chinese sticks


Step 1

The easiest way to make Chinese chopsticks is from wood. In the conditions of our country, use pine, maple, cedar, plum wood for manufacturing. Make wood blanks. The length of the cylinder is 25 cm, the diameter of the section is 0.7 cm. Remember that Japanese chopsticks are shorter and thinner than Chinese ones, they are sharper. Using a woodcutting knife, sharpen each stick on one side.

Step 2

The cross-section of chopsticks can be different, it can be round, flat, have several faces. But the most convenient option is sticks that have a square section at the base and round at the sharp ends. Such sticks do not roll on the table, they are well fixed with your fingers while eating. To give the sticks the desired shape, step back about five cm from the edge of the stick and cut off the excess wood with four firm movements.

Step 3

Using emery paper or sandpaper, treat the surface of the sticks so that there are no splinters on it, the corners at the base become smoothed.

Step 4

Start coloring. First, apply a special primer for wood products to the blanks of the sticks, it will not allow the contours of the pattern to creep. Create a sketch of the drawing on paper, place the small details of the painting at the base of the sticks, leave the thin ends solid. Transfer the motif to the surface of the sticks with a pencil, start coloring. Use special acrylic paints for woodworking. Apply the first layer of the main tone, when it dries, start drawing with other shades. Leave the sticks to dry completely for three days.

Step 5

Apply food grade varnish. Do not use other types of varnish (for saunas, floors, etc.), even if the vendor assures you that they are safe and may come into contact with food. Leave the sticks to dry for another three days.

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